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"My wife and I were 5 days into our marriage when my ring slipped off in the Pacific Ocean in Poipu Beach. I was a wreck after suddenly losing our priceless momento of our new marriage. I was devastated. I got in touch with Derrick at Kauai Metal after sunset and he sent Jordan, his reliable treasure hunter the next day. In my head, I was skeptical about the possibility of finding my wedding band. I met Jordan, personable and confident, who went to work in the relentless waves and surf. I gave him a generic area where my wife and I were when I lost the ring. He found it in 45 minutes! He would have found it in 15 if I gave a more accurate location. My wife and I can't thank Jordan enough for his hard work and dedication to the job. The man could find a needle in a haystack. He saved our honeymoon in Kauai and I would not hesitate to call for Derrick and Jordan's help again. For now, my wife and I are keeping are priceless wedding bands in the hotel safe! Mahalo my new friends."

Kiefer Gooch 

"Derrick is a godsend. He recovered  our wedding bands in a matter of minutes!. We are newleyweds staying at the St Regis Beach and we can not thank derrick enough for getting our rings from the ocean! He saved our vacation! Thank you derrick!"

Anaris and Yandel 

"I lost my ring while playing in the waves at Hanalei beach. The lifeguard told me about Derrick and I searched on the Internet and found kauai metal detecting. I called him and he was very professional. He asked questions and he was able to meet me there within an hour. We watched him as he searched the area getting beat up by the waves and we thought that we would never see our ring again. After a little while he bent over and came out of the water and he had my ring with him! Omg !!! We could not believe it!! Thank you Derrick for saving our vacation and we will be forever grateful!"

Erica W 

"Words can't express how grateful we are to Derrick from Kauai Metal Detecting! My husband lost his wedding band in the ocean during our vacation. We were both extremely heartbroken, as his wedding band was also his father's, who passed away. Such great sentimental value in one small ring, that we could never replace with another ring. It had been missing in the ocean for over 24 hours and we had a lot of help with looking for it, with no success. As soon as Derrick showed up, he found the ring in under 30 minutes! We still get tears of gratitude when we think of the miracle we were given. Thank you Derrick!! You're our big island hero. Not only is Derrick skilled with metal detecting, but he is also so kind! He helped us to feel comforted before the ring search and we feel like we have known him for a long time because he is so personable. Mahalo, Derrick!!"


"First of all Derrick is a warm and wonderful person.  He came to our rescue on a Sunday night as the sun was setting over Polihale Beach.  An hour earlier Jeff was playing catch with me and two of our teenagers when his wedding ring slipped off into the water.  I had been on for 18+ years.  I had just been telling my daughter about how special the ring was and how it has so much symbolism for our marriage.  I ran to someone on the beach to borrow goggles.  Then we went and got our snorkeling gear.  After 45 minutes of frantic searching, I called the hotel to see if they knew of a metal detector rental.  My son searched the internet and Derrick's website came up.  I called and he said he would be there in 10 minutes.  He showed up, asked what happened, marked the spot on the beach to search and went into the water.  My husband went with him.  He told Jeff not to worry, that he would find it.  Ten minutes later, just as the sun was setting, he handed Jeff the ring and they high-fived.  We were so grateful and Derrick was so personable and wonderful about the whole experience.  We took photos and could not be happier.  That is the heartfelt story.  The other piece is how easy it was, how quickly he responded and thorough he was. When I asked about his search fee.  He said if he didn't find it then, he would come back and search again.  I felt so confident that he would keep looking until he found it.  He has a wonderful job, that makes people happy.  What great Karma."

Jeff and Lydia 

"Okay, with apologies for length, here's our story. We were about halfway through a two week family vacation on beautiful Kauai having the amazing time you would expect. My wife and I and our three young adult daughters were enjoying a great day at Polihale Beach, when, late in the afternoon, one of our girls came running out of the surf telling us that a certain ring had slipped off her finger while swimming. We all knew the ring because it has been in our family a long time and has immense, almost indescribable historic and sentimental value. My daughter had been in the habit of removing it before swimming but on this afternoon did not, with a terrible consequence. All five of us ran back into the water and searched in vain for a long time. Another fellow on the beach donned a face mask and searched alongside us, actually apologizing to me in the end for not being able to find it (what a great guy). Eventually we realized it was futile and we left that beautiful spot, my daughter inconsolable and the rest of us not much better. As we drove back to the south shore, our wonderful family vacation and future memories of it hanging by a thread, we wondered if there might be some sort of metal detection service on the island, and so started searching on Google. That led us to this site, and I pulled over and called Derrick, who answered right away. He was immediately personable and comforting and suggested that we meet at the beach the very next morning, which happened to be Mother's Day Sunday. When the morning came I left my daughters with their Mom, and met Derrick and his partner at Hapuna Beach. I told them the story of the ring, and Derrick set to work. I couldn't be sure exactly where the ring had been lost, and there had been such a strong current in the late afternoon the day before, that we had to plot out a generous search grid. The sand was very soft, the water was still flowing almost sideways (though at a fraction of the strength of the previous day) and I really didn't have much hope. Nonetheless, moving methodically along the makeshift grid, after maybe 30 minutes Derrick detected something, scooped up some sand, rinsed off an object in the water and held out a ring for me to see. I couldn't quite believe my eyes: it was the solid gold ring with the amethyst gem adorned by diamonds that my father had given to my mother a long time before, and that she had in turn recently given to my daughter (who had always admired it) as a university graduation gift. I hugged Derrick, and a crowd of people spontaneously gathered round to see what was up and to hear the story. What a jubilant, unique and unforgettable scene. I had tears in my eyes. I called my family and they were stunned and ecstatic, with my daughter getting on the line to thank Derrick directly (I wouldn't let her come with me, saying it would be too stressful for her, and that she should just spend Mother's Day morning with her Mom. That meant she and her Mom and sisters were on tenterhooks waiting for my call - which was one I dreaded making until Derrick wove his magic. Then, I couldn't dial the number fast enough). I can't quite believe the skill that went into Derrick's discovery of the ring in that surf; to me, it was a remote long shot and absolutely a needle in a haystack, but I hired Derrick nonetheless as I felt we just had to try. I was also so impressed that Derrick dropped everything in their lives and came out to Hapuna at the first chance,  giving up their time on a Sunday in order to do that. Apart from that, Derrick is one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. We're still astounded by what happened and, as I told Derrick , we will never forget him or what they've done for us."

Pat Lewis 

"My wife and I came to Kauai to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We were so excited, that the first thing we did was to snorkel two step. Coming out from snorkling I realized that I have lost my ring. The lifeguard was able to  put me in touch with Derrick and he was able to meet me on the area where I thought I lost it. He searched for about and hour and bam ! He got my ring out from he water. What a great service ! I recommend his services to anyone." 

Jose Morales

"I wanted to thank you for recovering beloved gold bracelet. I lost my bracelet in my friends backyard..! I know :d ! Derrick was able to recover it quickly and he was a pleasure to talk to. Aloha from Oregon !"


"Derrick ! You have saved my marriage my man !! God bless you for finding our ring in Ke'e Beach ! I highly recommend this company!"

Martin s 

"Derrick saved our  honeymoon !! My husband and I got married in Hanalei Bay bay a couple of days ago. Yesterday, we ventured out to snorkel and when my husband got out of the water he realized that his ring was not on his finger anymore. We were freaking out ! We called Derrick and he was able to find the ring within an hour. We can not thank derrick enough for all of his help. He saved our honeymoon !!!!"

Martha Lewis 

"Derrick you are truly a life savor! My husband and I got married this morning and decided to spend a relaxing day at the beach. He had his wedding band on his finger no longer then a few hours when he lost it in the surf. Luckily we found Derrick through his website and he was professional, kind, and more then helpful. He showed up 2.5 hrs earlier than expected and braved some treacherous surf and ultimately found the ring. I hope this never happens to anyone else but if it does Derrick is your man. Thanks a million!!"

Jamie D

"Derrick is an absolute legend! It was the last day of our honeymoon in Hawaii and I managed to drop my precious wedding band in the sand. After 2 hours of frantic searching, my husband and I decided to enjoy our last day of vacation in Kauai and let the professional handle it. It was definitely the right decision as Derrick took less than 10 minutes to find it! What a result...can't say thank you enough Derrick!"

Ruby & Thomas

"My vacation on Kauai would have been ruined if it wasn't for Derrick !! My wife and I went to the beach to snorkel and when we got out of the water I realized that my wedding ring was gone. I looked up metal detecting on kauai on google and his company was the first one that came out. It took about two hours for him to come search, but it took him about 20 minutes to find the ring ! I could not believe that he pulled my ring right out of the sand! I can not thank you enough Derrick for finding my ring. Sorry for the late review. God bless you man!"

Alex V 

"I was in waist deep water getting on a board, there were waves and sand all around me. As soon as it fell off I just knew it was gone. I looked for hours with no luck. We found Kauai Metal Detecting and I figured if I didn't try I would always regret it, so we hired Derrick to try and find it. He couldn't come until the next day just about 24 hours later.  Watching him guy go back and forth with the waves crashing around him it looked hopeless. After about a hour and a half of looking he gets out of the water pulls out the ring and says is this it?? It was amazing, I thought it was gone for sure. Thank you so much Derrick!!!"

Mike and Heather 

"Me and my wife were playing in the waves of the Secrets beach and my wifes engagement ring came off her finger. We searched for hours trying to find the ring thinking that it was lost forever. We went to the concierge and they informed us that Derrick could help us out. We called him and he was very professional and asked lots of questions before searching for our ring. After about half our of searching, he bent over and he found our ring to our amazement. We can not thank him enough!"

Adam Welch 

"Soo Relieved!!Wife lost her engagement ring in an unexpected wave.  I didn't think there was any hope, but a friend convinced me to hire Kauai Metal Detecting and Derek met me on the beach within a couple hours.  He found it!!  BIG Thank You!!"


"Soo Relieved!!Wife lost her engagement ring in an unexpected wave.  I didn't think there was any hope, but a friend convinced me to hire Kauai Metal Detecting and Derek met me on the beach within a couple hours.  He found it!!  BIG Thank You!!"


"I was visiting friends on Kauai when I was horrified to discover that both my wedding band and diamond engagement ring slipped off of my finger while swimming on Secrets Beach. I ran a search on google and I came across this website. Derrick was able to find the rings in a timely manner. He is very professional and I highly recommend his services to anybody on the island! Keep up the good work!"

Brenda Williams 

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